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Aug 27

Colette Smart


Hello, I had my son, Jacob, in Feb 2010 here in Mackay, went to Brisbane for 1 1/2 years when he was 3 mths and came back a year ago. He turns 3 in Feb next year. In Brisbane I enjoyed the 2 kids/parenting free magazines available but didn’t think much further about it when I came back as I knew there weren’t any similar things. So I was very excited to hear there was a new magazine starting up in Mackay. Jacob and I went to your launch here. Anyway, I wanted to say thank-you for starting up in Mackay. I have joined your website and I look forward to more info for Mackay stuff. Would you like any assistance with anything? I work 4 days a week and Thursday is my day with Jacob. But if you need a hand with spreading the word re the magazine here/getting local businesses interested etc I would be happy to help – whatever you need. I’m also interested in writing stories about parenting life if you are interested.