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Aug 27

Suzie Vout
Managing Director
VOUTENURO Brain & Behaviour Clinic


Pakmag has been instrumental in launching Voutneuro Brain & Behaviour Clinic to the Cairns community and beyond. I engaged in considerable research into local media output and outcomes. I chose Pakmag as a launching pad, because it is a beautiful magazine with the right demographics for my clinic. The fact that it is free to readers is awesome because it increases its reach and makes it more appealing for parents to grab a copy and look forward to another one each month. I also liked its holistic principles, because it doesn’t preach to readers what to do, rather; it educates, entertains, informs and enlightens them. Voutneuro’s mission is grounded around similar philosophy.
My business has benefited enormously from advertising in Pakmag. Although I have been in business, for a few months before I started advertising with pakmag, my business grew threefold in the first few months of advertising. I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you Pakmag team, keep up the fantastic work. Looking forward to many more business adventures and journeys with you.